Install on Trendnet TEW-692GR


I have a Trendnet TEW-692GR and wanted to know if anyone else has already successfully installed the latest stable image and how.
In the page for this device on OpenWRT web site there is a FIXME with "Please add the installation procedure here", so can't find any useful docs on first install.

I have read the openwrt generic install guide and it seems it should be as simple as loading the right "*-install.bin" that is shown in the device page (the guide says that because the file is called "install", then it should be possible to flash it with the utility that is provided by the device firmware (which I have already used to flash an upgrade from the device vendor).

Also, will the "install" firmware shown in the device page install openwrt with a GUI?


18.06.4 (stable release) -> Yes, GUI included
snapshot (development branch) -> No, GUI not included

Unfortunately, the TEW-692GR was added in 2012, when commit messages were not as clear on flashing instructions as is current practice.

commit 462a53c367
Author: Gabor Juhos <redacted>
Date:   Thu Oct 18 07:23:10 2012 +0000

    ramips: add profile and build image for the TEW-692GR board

It is likely the "factory" image you need from to flash using the OEM GUI or tools. (I do not have the device or any similar, so can't provide any further information.)

Thanks for the replies so far. I want to be sure it will work before attempting it.
If there's someone who has successfully done this before, please come forward!

I have managed to install the latest stable version to my tew-692GR and the process is just as easy as flashing the openwrt install.bin firmware using the flashing util provided by the router. So it should be "standard" without any device specific steps.
Hopefully this will help others who want info on the install procedure for this device.

Regarding the support for this device, so far I have been able to recreate the same set-up I had (and needed), apart from the 2.4GHz Wifi which is not working, although it is set-up as the 5GHz which is working perfectly. Ethernet interfaces are OK. I'll create another post for the Wifi issue if I can't solve if after fiddling a little bit.

Does that mean you have successfully flashed 18.06.4 via the OEM GUI?

Exactly. A 5-minute job.


Thanks for this confirmation.
I have updated the devicepage accordingly.

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