Install official OpenWrt for nanopi r6s

I'm coming to you because I just bought a nanopi r6s to use it as a router except that I'd like to install the official version of openwrt and not friendlyWRT which has sources coming from tencent and which therefore doesn't inspire me confidence.
I looked on the forum and did not find a solution to my problem and therefore I create a topic on this subject.
I also looked on the site which mentions that there is only an external version.
I was wondering if it was possible to use docker on another OS than friendly and install an openwrt container.
I hope that someone understands me because I'm french and my english is average.

you can use docker with openwrt, but as you've already noticed, there's no openwrt release for this device.

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Did you check the supported devices wiki?

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r4s == r6s ?

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My mistake ... need coffee. Post edited.


Yes I looked and it is mentioned that it is only compatible with friendlyWRT but I would have liked to know if there was a solution to switch to a real openwrt version and not a fork.
So if I understood, we are obliged to stay with FriendlyWRT? is it definitive?

I didn't see official support (yet). I assume you found this monster thread: NanoPi R4S rk3399 R6S RK3588S 4G is a great new OpenWrt device

Not sure if any dev is working on it.

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there isn't.

if you want to have it running "openwrt".

who knows, read the thread @darksky linked to.

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Yes, I also saw this topic and saw that a snapshot for the r4s was available and was hoping for a version for the r6s.
But too bad for me, I will stay with friendlyWRT and thank you for your answers :+1:

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