Install of Tp-link-Ac600

I have been on the forums and can't figure out how to get this working, I know the driver I need is kmod-mt76x0u, I have installed it, and nothing.

Cross-posted on reddit as well...

tried reinserting the usb wifi stick ?

what does dmesg say when you do ?

You'll have a hard time getting a MediaTek driver to talk to a Realtek radio. You need some Realtek driver. The USB ID can be a start to finding out which one.

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that chipset is realtek rtl8811au, so you need rtl8812au drivers.

I have tried those drivers and gave up and returned it, Going to buy one that OpenWrt recommends, Am going on a trip in about 8 hours and tryed to buy one quickly and that's what I get lol.

Of your aim was an AP, it seldom does.

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