Install mwan3 package on HDRM200

Hi guys,

The last version of the HDRM200 (V 1.05) have now :
-FULL Gigabit port (1xWAN Gbps/4xLAN Gbps).
-4G LTE CAT 6 or 5G

The Embedded system is OpenWrt but the seller tell me that I will not be able to install
the mwan3 package.

Following the last Git commit, I think I can make a clean install of the last OpenWrt firmware and after that install the mwan3 package.

But, if the seller is right (if I cannot make a clean install the last OpenWrt firmware + install the mwan3 package) it will be a waste of time and money for me.

Do you know guys if I will able to make a clean install of the last **OpenWrt firmware on this HDRM200 (V1.05)?