Install LEDE on TP-Link TD-W8980

I have a TP-Link TD-W8980 router and I would want to install OpenWRT on it, I've seen on this page that it should be compatible, but once downloaded the file : lede-17.01.4-lantiq-xrx200-TDW8980-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin how can I load it on a device with original firmware? What is the procedure ?


So, basically I have to connect it through UART and access the console, but after that how can I load the lede firmware file?

What is the procedure to install LEDE, after having installed u-boot.asc ?

In general: You cant flash the TP-Link 8970, 8980 or 9980 from the web gui for long time. You have to connect the serial TTL Adapter (for example cp2104 from ebay) to the device and follow the wiki

You dont have to touch the bootloader/UART.