Install LEDE on Sitecom WLR-8100

Hi, I'm new here :slight_smile:

I would like to install LEDE on my Sitecom WLR-8100 router.

Techdata is here:

For this router there is only a sysupgrade image available, but no factory image. How can I install LEDE?

There are basically two potential reasons why only a sysupgrade image is available for your router, either the router is already running some kind of OpenWrt fork (which understands the sysupgrade format natively) or there simply is no known way to assemble a factory image accepted by the router - according to it is the later.


I have just installed LEDE on my wlr-8100. Simply used the firmware update option in the webinterface and ignored the warnings. It accepts the .bin file will start the proces...

Happy times!