Hello guys,
I would like to install LEDE on DD-WRT ASUS RT-AC68U to run Wireguard thereafter.
Currently I have this Firmware: DD-WRT v3.0-r31205M kongac (02/03/17)
Do I need to flash back to original ASUS firmware before moving to LEDE?
For LEDE firmware I will take asus-rt-ac68u-squashfs.trx from this folder:

Please suggest how to make everything correctly to avoid problems while flashing device.

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This is interesting for me too. I did check few threads here and it is not clear how to flash LEDE on device where dd-wrt is running. I did already try to flash lede-17.01.4-.....-squashfs-factory.bin but still dd-wrt is sitting on my router. So I did try lede-17.01.4-.....-sysupgrade.bin and dd-wrt is still there.

I have different HW :
But solution, I think, will be same for any device.

Somebody who knows, please confirm that correct way how to flash device running dd-wrt is to flash STOCK firmware and then LEDE. Thank you.

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I would not suggest to put LEDE on the AC68U. See the problems with a Netgear R7000. Both Broadcom, similar chipset. Netgear R7000 ... what doesn't work with LEDE 17.01.4

As I suggested for the R7000, have a look at entware/optware to add maybe wireguard. I didn’t google it is already available. You might have to compile from source.

The wdr3600, completely different story. Lede should run just fine on the atheros chipset.

But good advice to go from DD-WRT to LEDE is to flash stock first, then flash from stock. This will avoid a lot of problems with mismatching partitions etc.


I'm also interested in doing this (replacing DD-WRT with LEDE), but the router in question for me is the Linksys EA8500, and installing custom firmware directly over stock firmware on it was a real pain.

I'd enjoy reading opinions in this thread on the pros and cons of running DD-WRT versus LEDE.

Given that installing LEDE or OpenWRT over DD-WRT has been known to brick a router, I'd especially like to read the detailed experiences of anyone who has already done this.

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