Install LEDE from SD to mSATA (APU2)

Hi there,
I want to install the generic image from sd card to the internal 16GB mSATA SSD. If possible I want to use the whole SSD for LEDE. Do you have any advice how to get that up and running? Booting from SD-Card works fine, so all I need to do is getting that image to the SSD.

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

Yes it is, with device do you have? x86 ?

APU2 is x86.

You can expand the root partition in another system, from e.g. a Linux live CD or installation. I believe once you have an SSD installed the APU2 refuses to boot from SD.

Alternatively, you could partition the remaining space on the SSD and mount it.

I can choose from which device I want to boot, so no issue here. Do you have some quick command how to get the image from SD to the mSATA SSD and how to expand the partitions afterwards? I think it'll work with dd and parted but I'm not 100% sure about the correct syntax.

And a completely different question: does the standard generic lede image has built in support for AES-NI or do I need to compile an image on my own? I THINK it works ootb but I never tried that...

Don't have a walkthrough for expanding the partition.

AES-NI is built-in indeed.

have you tried resize2fs ?:

opkg install resize2fs
resize2fs /dev/desired_volume

Is available on other linux distros too, It should work after you expand the root partition using fdisk, parted or gparted.

I found this: