Install kmod-hfsplus package in GL-XE300-70a (puli)


I can't install kmod-hfsplus in this router. How can I achieve this to read hfsplus filesystem.


Amazing, it fails, yet there's no error message...

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At first it would be helpful, if you could tell us the reason why you can't install this package.
Are there any error messages, that you can share with us?
You could start with
ubus call system board

The module doesn't exist, where did you find info about it ?

Did you update the package list 1st ?

Have you done an
opkg update
at first?

At least it's available in my snapshot version. So i guess it should be available in 22.03.2.

It's available in my 22.03 snapshot too.

Yes I did it. That is why to install it by command. Thanks.

Thank you for your answer.

And does opkg update finish w/o errors ?

So it worked, or....?

Could that be the error?. Thanks again.

You can't use the gl.inet package repository in parallel with openwrts, at least not for kmods.

Thanks again. I guess I'll try a different firmware version.

It's faster,
if you just comment out or remove the gl.inet repositories in your /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf or /etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf (wherever you put them).

Wait, is this the gl.inet Openwrt version ?

Then you need to ask them, or install proper Openwrt.;a=commit;h=af8a059bb41dd7afee49ce9a5d52e9a8e010bbd8

Thank you very much for your help. Now I mounted the HFS+ as I needed.

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