Install instructions for GL.iNet / GL-MIFI

Hi there!

Just bought one for GL's MIFI devices and was wondering how to put a generic openwrt on it.

Any links/hints?

Thanks and regards.

Just did a custom image for it. Supported in trunk, at least.

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any download URL? how can I flash it?[Brand*~]=gl&dataflt[Model*~]=mifi

Hi and thanks so far.

I downloaded the 'Firmware OpenWrt Upgrade' and used the Luci interface of the OpenWrt 15.x running already on this device to upload the file.

After that my device does not start WiFi anymore. How can I check what went wrong? Did I miss any other steps?

Keeping settings over a firmware upgrade between pre-17.01.x and current OpenWrt versions (or, much worse, restoring an old config backup) is not a good idea, as that involves a rather high potential for bigger and subtile problems. Using firstboot to do a factory reset of the configuration might already fix the problem.

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Got it.

Thanks guys!