Install help: wireless_radio is gone

I had to re-install my TP-Link N600. Afterwards I did not get the wireless setup done.
LUA said: atheros ar9340 "device is not active". I googled that (bad idea, should have asked here right away) and found some guy that suggested to perform " uci delete wireless.radio0 " . Brilliant idea, now there is nothing anymore to configure :slight_smile:

Could you help me to bring that back to life, please?

If you've done a major version upgrade, you should reset to defaults (or flash again without saving settings) and configure from scratch.

Deleting a radio in UCI or even removing the whole /etc/config/wireless file is not a major problem as the firstboot scripts will probe for radios and rebuild a default configuration during the next reboot. WiFi is not enabled in the default configuration. You need to enable the radio and it is advisable to set up encryption rather than run the default open AP.

So I have to run through firstboot again? Can't I just run the radio probing by hand ??

It was just such a hassle to get the LAN working (1h of fighting, for changing the IP range to 10.x from initial 192.x -- fighting with an old laptop & static routes, not fighting with openwrt )

OK, a reboot brings to radio's back to LUA. So I am back to the initial problem (should I change the title now??). Atheros AR9340 "Device not active".

Mystyriously, I got to actviate the SSID (after setting up AP crypto), So issue is solved.

I don't use Luci much but it may report "not active" when an AP is operating normally but no stations are connected to it.

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