Install firmware on non-branch device

Hi, I'm using a wifi device from Homatechs - a bankrupt company.
Here is the device info:
OS: Openwrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 - target platform: /ipq806x/generic
Kernel: Linux 3.14.77
Chipset: ipq4019 (4 x ARMv4 CPU)
RAM: 512MB
Flash: 4GB
Antenna: 6x 5GHz & 2x 2.4GHz
I'm about to try openwrt image builder based on chipset ipq4019 - supported platform on newest openwrt firmware, but still get confused
Can i have other options like choosing firmware of a supported device which has most similiar hardware?
If no other options, is there any docs or posts of building openwrt on unsupported device?

you can't, every device is unique.
you can boot an initramfs, to do the hw discovery, but don't flash it.