Install and use github on OpenWrt

what packages do I need to use github on openwrt? is it even possible?
I'm asking because i have several scripts i would maintain on github, so they don't get lost, and would clone this to the openwrt router so they are the newest, test them, "backup" them online at github and so on.

Thanks for your help

I would say you need to install git and clone the repositories.

ok found the problem, not enough free space :confused:

You don't need to clone the whole repo into your router. It is indeed rather wasteful.

Rather, just use wget/curl to download the raw files from github whenever it changes (assuming you edit it on your pc or directly in github). Could possibly also automate this with cron, or a commit hook.

Alternatively, if you prefer to edit the scripts in your router and commit from there, it is possible to commit a file through github API without cloning (this involves creating OAuth app).