Instability issues with 23.05 on BTHomehub5

I've been using OpenWRT very happily on my BT HomeHub 5 for several years. A week or so ago, I upgraded from 22.03 to 23.05 and I'm seeing two kinds of problems:

  • The PPPoE connection (running over the DSL) seems to drop several times a day, apparently (at least, when I look at the main "status" page its age is usually les than a day, and the "ping" graph shows several holes per day). How can I get more precise information about PPPoE going down and reconnecting (e.g. stats about how many times it has dropped and the percentage of time it has been out?). How can I get information about what's going around around that time that might cause the connection to be dropped? Also, there were much fewer disconnects (like once a week, maybe) with 22.03, so maybe I'm hitting a bug?
  • The box sometimes reboots on its own (i.e. crashes). I've seen it first hand already twice this week.

Has someone else experienced similar problems and found fixes/workarounds for them? I'm considering going back to 22.03 for now but this is not an option for the long term :frowning: