"inspecting" WPA2 hotspot

My ISP provides a WPA2 hotspot but there are conflicting settings specified in the documentation. Is there some method whereby I can "inspect" a WPA2 connection to see what security settings are needed?


Seems like that outputs information about antenna, not security

iwinfo wlan0 scan is the basis for the scan function in Luci. It indicates the general type of encryption. iw dev wlan0 scan is a more detailed scan.

Replace 'wlan0' with any active interface on the radio you want to scan.

Scanning won't tell what type of EAP an Enterprise AP expects. That is set by their back-end authentication server, which could even be proxied to somewhere far way (e.g. eduroam). There is no on-air standard for the AP to advise the client what it should use. Users need to seek out of band instructions.

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