Inspect alternative partition on nand rom

Hi guys,

I use a Linksys WRT1200AC and i would like to know if there is a way to inspect the "other" partition.

I explain myself. I want to upgrade my firmware to the latest version but with that kind of hardware, when you run a sysupgrade on partition1, it will upgrade and boot on partition 2. after that, i have to upgrade my partition 1 but, partition 2 is already the latest version.

so how can i open my first partition to inspect wich openwrt version is running ?


You miss the point.

The dual firmware partitions are meant to provide a fallback option of returning to the previous firmware. It makes no sense to update both partitions to the same firmware version. Just enjoy the new firmware and then the next time you update the other partition.

You can use that luci-app-advanced-reboot mentioned by lleachii to see some facts about the other partition and also to switch boot into that partition, but in normal use case you have no need for that. You simply always update the other partition while the current one stays as the fallback option. (and luci-app-advanced-reboot only shows the kernel version, not any exact revision)

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