Inquiry Regarding Hardware Capabilities of PC Engines APU3C4


I'm reaching out to inquire about the hardware capabilities of the PC Engines APU3C4. According to OpenWRT wiki, it is mentioned that this board can support a 5G modem. Can you confirm if this is true? I am considering using 4G/5G modems with it.

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Please refer to the manufacturer's page.

What is relevant:

3 miniPCI express (J14 USB or mSATA, with SIM; J15 USB only, with SIM; J16: full miniPCI express, but no SIM, intended for wifi)

So you have two slots where you can put your USB modem in mPCIe format directly or in M2/NGFF format via adapter.

Support for any "G" is a responsibility of the modem itself.


Another good resource is, they've got a lot of good info on the PCengines APU boxes.