Initial setup and configuration

I just installed the latest Lede on my Raspberry Pi 3. It's up and running and I can see/interact with it via a plugged in keyboard & monitor. When I check the IP address, it shows up a This is the same IP address as my modem/router. When I try to access the Lede Gui, I get my modem/router (which is to be expected).

I changed the IP address using the UCI set command. I commited the change, verified and even rebooted. The Pi is showing but I can't access it.

This is a fresh out of the box install with only the above change made. I've looked through the FAQ and documentation but can't find anything that points to my issue. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong and how to fix this? I'm completely lost here.

How do you mean you cannot access it? Remotely?

You still might have a DHCP server running on your Pi; you'd need to disable that as well. Your modem/router has one as well and they'll be interfering with one another.

Maybe some other device has aready assigned? Double check that. Make sure to assign a free IP, preferably outside the DHCP range (narrow the DHCP range if necessary).

Sorry. I can't access the GUI.

I installed Lede from the img file I downloaded from here. If there is DHCP running on the Pi, it's running from that.

Let's check off a few things first, because your statements are conflicting.

  • Are you trying to connect to the device directly (with the keyboard and monitor - you won't be able to access the web interface like this) or over the network (remotely, which allows you to acces the web interface through a browser on your local system)?
  • Did you install a stable build or a development snapshot? The latter has no web interface. The stable build does (it's called LuCI).

I have a keyboard & monitor hooked up to it. That is the only way I can access it. I know I can't access the gui this way.

I downloaded the stable build for this.

I just downloaded it again and reflashed. I cannot access the GUI on the ip address. When I type ifconfig on the Pi, I get an address of on br-lan. When I look at my modem/router, it shows the address of for this device. I cannot get to the gui portion of lede.

As it is right now, this is a re-flashed image with nothing done to it past booting it up for the first time.

I don't know how I managed it, but I finally got in. I saw in another thread about enabling the wifi. I did that, changed the ip address, then changed from bridge to wan and back to bridge and then I was finally able to connect to it.

Weird way to get it working, but I was finally able to get in.