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Very long time since I last use OpenWrt. It was barrier breaker version, using old LUCI interface. Now I'm seeing lot of differences in the LUCI stuff. I was wondering if OpenWrt 19.07 is using LUCI2 instead of LUCI but, by reading this forum, I learned that LUCI2 is an abandoned project. Hopefully I'm right because OpenWrt documentation about LUCI2 seems fuzzy to me.

:question:The question is, that I'm seeing lot of references to LUCI2 in my device image, like /usr/share/luci/menu.d files (similar to the one here) or the JS pages instead the old model/cbi lua pages. Are you so kind to explain what is going on under the hood? Are out there info about new JS pages and/or how to debug it? Should I work with different git branch in order to use old luci/lua interface?

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LuCI has been rewritten afaik, LuCI2 was indeed abandoned but the refactoring happened under the old moniker. You'll need to get used to the new interface. Older LuCI code will likely break when trying to interface with the newer OpenWrt codebase (if it will be able to talk to it at all).

The original luci2 re-write attempt was abandoned, several years ago. It was never fully implemented.

Like Borromini says, the main part of LuCI has later been refactored/re-written. It currently uses quite much client-side JavaScript (instead of server side lua). It is just the normal current LuCI in master and 21.02, and to some extent also in the later 19.07.x maintenance releases. (But it is not called luci2 any more.)

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