[INFO] rtl_tcp memory leak

Has anyone experienced a memory leak running rtl_tcp?

On a Meraki MX60, I observe that the it starts and idles at 1436:

Observed behavior: when this occurs, the memory rises above it's running state when the program is stopped, usually memory is leaked in ~240k chunks from rtp_tcp's startup state until it's closed. This becomes it's new idle memory use.

Version: 22.03.0
To make it happen virtually on-demand: running gqrx - when pressing the stop digital signal processing (DSP) button, it seems to sample above the configured rate (in my case it's set to 1.92 MHz), the memory begins to spike - after closing the program, a memory leak is observed.

Also observed: programs requesting lower sample rates take longer to cause leaks.

Tried: various buffer and link list settings. Some settings merely slow the process down, some make the issue occur faster.