Info about wifi Rx/Tx speed

Here is a screenshot of my Openwrt > Network > Wireless page.
Why is Rx speed so low with respect to Tx speed? Is it normal or is there any way to increase it?

Did you check again after a while? That values change dynamically


No, thanks for the hint. So I started to stream a video. Yes, the speed changes, but the Rx rate stays most of the time at 6.0 Mbit.
Now I am assailed by a doubt: the terms Rx and Tx are with respect to client or access point?
Since the Rx rate is almost always so low, I am led to believe that speed rates are computed with respect to the access point side...
Am I right or wrong?

The rates are calculated from the AP perspective.
You have low Rx, as most of the incoming frames are acknowledgements. Try to upload some big file to the cloud and check again.

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Nevermind, maybe fixed.

What router? If it uses ath10k, it isn't capable of reporting Rx rate and will always show 6mbps even though the actual rate is higher.

Are you sure? Here is from my Archer C7 which AFAIK uses ath10k
Screenshot from 2020-09-22 18-03-29

Hmm. Maybe it has been fixed. It was a problem for a long time (easy to find on Google)...
Too hard to find the relevant commit if so.

Most of the devices does that to save power. For example my A70 does the same but the minute I wake the device up, it's ramping up to higher speeds.