Infinite reboot loop—how to find what is the problem?

Recently I installed the 22.03.0-rc4 version firmware on my router, with some add-on packages. Everything runs fine at the beginning.

But one day later, when I tried to reboot my router, it fell into an infinite reboot loop. It just repeatedly reboots before the network interfaces become available.

Luckily I can reinstall the firmware via u-boot so I didn't brick my router. But after the reinstallation all logs are gone so I can't find out what caused the issue. After the reinstallation, everything works fine again, and I can also normally reboot my router. But several hours later, when I try to reboot it, the issue comes back.

So, any ideas on how to find what's the problem?

send the log data to another PC and save to a file to check what was happened.

You might start by telling us what router you are talking about... It might be a known problem, or the commit logs may provide hints.

Debugging may require serial console to see what actually happens.

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My device is GL.iNet GL-B1300.

If my router reboots before the network becomes available, then is the serial console the only way to know what went wrong?

But my router reboots before the network becomes available. How could I send the log data to another PC?

your device has a USB port, easy to active a USB drive and send the log data to a file in the USB drive.

I think GL routers have some batter customer services, did you pass your problem to them.

I opened the case of my router and luckily I didn't break the plastic case.

I have collected the boot log from the serial console. Since in this post I just asked "how to find what is the problem" (and the solution is to use the serial console :slight_smile: ), I created another post with the boot log attached.

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