Increase of spam in the mailing list

Can someone pls unsubscribe from that spam mail we receive daily on the mailing list? Also how this manage to bypass the spam filer?

The spam accounts are not subscribed, list posting is allowed for all.

Then I think that email should be blacklisted... Also today we have our daily spam email with russian cd and music suggestions...

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I wouldn't mind missing some of that too.

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Perhaps, like most lists I know, it should be configured so that you need to be a subscriber to post.

Isn't that way already?

Opensource lists which routinely cross-post patchsets between multiple open lists (in particular lists) can't really require to only relay messages from subscribers, as they will receive reviews from non-subscribers watching it from different lists.


Ok then just purge that email... Easy as that...

It's not as it that mail isn't subscribed, so there is not much to purge.

you can use your own email filters (commonly called "rules") for that. Kind of sad but I've blacklisted quite a bit of garbage mail like that.

or you can spam his email from public rapidleech servers

Which is going to be insta-bounced by their own servers due to the abovementioned "rules".

Your reactions to spam (yes, I saw the "answers" you gave on the mailing list spam) are a bit immature.

You are really just shouting at an answering machine, the only mature thing to do is blacklist and filter out.

your reply sounds like you're confident they have all the servers in the world blacklisted.
if that was really answering machine how the hell would it take an order of rusian crap music?
take a file from server of few hundred MB email it and select to split into parts of 1MB. a lot of garbage must land in their inbox. when they block it simply switch to another server.
you can call it immature but just as it is little work for them to post email it is as little work for me to send them middle east server trash

Problem is that they use the mailing list as a spamming vector...


Although the spam filter at my email provider does already take care of those spam postings, I would really appreciate if the mailing list server would not even distribute those emails.

Is this really impossible?

case $sender-email in
    <spam-email#1>)  discard;;
    *) distribute to mailing list;;

For some reason that (Fu**ING) russian email bypass every filter...

how about blocking subnet it comes from?

for the mail they are using to spam us, yeah, most likely. It's common for machine-generated mails to reject all replies to that address.

Telling you to direct your request to a different email. I can't read russian but I know how spam works, and true enough near the end of the spam mail you find a different email address and if I Google Translate that, it says "orders and questions please send to" -different email address-

decent anti-spam software will see the pattern in anything machine-generated and block it, we are not in 1990s anymore, spam management is a thing.

It is immature and useless. It won't stop them from sending spam.

I know, but if OpenWrt team does not want to block it in the mailing list, that's all you can do.

yeah were not but google is. i checked by sending to my email first. everything came