Increase in size with Openwrt Version upgrade

Hi All

We are trying to migrate our builds from Openwrt version 22.03 to version 23.05
And we are seeing size of almost all libs/bins with no code change have increased a lot.

Few examples:

usign-2020-05-23-f1f65026/ipkg-install/usr/bin/usign 151016
fwtool-2019-11-12-8f7fe925/ipkg-install/usr/bin/fwtool 20768

usign-2020-05-23-f1f65026/ipkg-install/usr/bin/usign 188552
fwtool-2019-11-12-8f7fe925/ipkg-install/usr/bin/fwtool 74040

Can someone please guide on what could be the reason and is there any way to optimize it.

This is an issue for us because we have fixed system partition and now with V23.05 we are seeing the size is not sufficient for system image.

Thanks in advance

yes, but OP wasn't asking about the kernel ...

While that might be your perception, it's also wrong, as there have been quite considerable 'code changes' all over the system, some bugfixes, some security fixes, quite some feature additions.

Thank you for replying.

I have checked fwtool and didnt find any change there.
package/system/fwtool, it is same in both V22.03 and V23.05

Also, same is observed for packages owned by us. No code change, still when compiled with version 23.05, we see size difference.

for fun,

I compared the usign packages for 22.03 and 23.05, and yes, the increase in size is 60%+, but the ipk files are both 13kb, which means the larger file shouldn't occupy more space on the squashfs, than the smaller one (give or take), it just compresses better ?

Thank you for your reply.
We are using ext4 FS, no squashfs .
So, increase in size is impacting us. Customers already on 22.03 with fixed partition size cannot be upgraded if size is increasing and going beyond partition size.

So, we are looking for inputs if we are missing anything in new version which is leading to this increase in size or anything we can do to optimize it