Incorrect naming of <regexp> instead of wildcard parameter in opkg

This is not really about documentation but about an error in the opkg command. I hope it fits here as well.

:~$ | => opkg | grep regexp
opkg must have one sub-command argument
        remove <pkgs|regexp>    Remove package(s)
        search <file|regexp>    List package providing <file>
        find <regexp>           List packages whose name or description matches <regexp>
        info [pkg|regexp]       Display all info for <pkg>
        status [pkg|regexp]     Display all status for <pkg>
 regexp could be something like 'pkgname*' '*file*' or similar
 e.g. opkg info 'libstd*' or opkg search '*libop*' or opkg remove 'libncur*'

(last line copied afterwards by me)

I know in the last two lines it explains what a regexp is. But this is not what everyone understands by that. This is clearly a globbing pattern. How can I find out who maintains this package? I like to suggest replacing the word <regexp> with wildcard or something similar.

Yes, writing this costs me more time than I needed to figure out why my regexp didn't work. Usually you read the single line you need (e.g. find) and move on.

I hope my suggestion will improve opkg, even if it's just a little bit.