Inconsistent use of apostrophes in config files

I just encountered another case of mixed usage of single quotes, double quotes and no quote:

Since it's not the first time I see this kind of change in different config files, I believe there is a change going on - file by file. Whenever a file is changed the new syntax is adapted.

But then, why are there tabs instead of spaces in the right pane right before the double qutoes start - only here (like option uci TAB "/etc/config/"). At this point I think whoever made this change just doesn't care.

Again, I'm just guessing.

These are btw the files /etc/config/luci and /etc/config/luci-opkg. The latter has been created during opkg upgrade $somepackage.

You might think - who cares? But I also saw changes in files solely because of the syntax change.

What's the best way to handle these diffs?

Submitting patches to bring the default configs into the canonical format so that a rewrite by uci commit does not alter them beyond the actual changed options.

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Ok, thanks. Then I was wrong guessing there is a slow change going on. uci commit is the culprit. Inconvenient to look at, but nothing to worry. I'll keep the files in whatever format they are.

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