Inconsistent log output

I have been working on a shell script to automate some logging and recently upgraded from openwrt to lede. With a few changes to code and to the router settings, it was working great for several days. VERY nice guys, and gals... lede is looking great! So this morning my router crapped out again (I was expecting it, a new one is in the mail) and managed to reset it and get it working again. Now, for some unknown reason the cpu uptime stamp on the logs (sent out via snmp) has a leading space inside the brackets. I thought maybe it just needs to increment up 1 digit and that's why I hadn't noticed it before. I also need to preserve the uptime number because it is used in the processing of the logs.

...........kernel: [ 7705.964115] REJECT(src wan)...........
Should look like:
...........kernel: [7705.964115] REJECT(src wan)...........

Being that spaces are the delimiter, this adds 1 element to the array it gets set to. That's fine I guess, I can accommodate, but what happens when it's not there again? Problem! I also don't want to waste the CPU cycles on a search and replace due to the log rate at times.

Could this be different all of a sudden from just happening to start the logger RIGHT after a reboot, which I think I have done before without an issue. The idea that maybe there is an IPK not installed that was previously also crosses my mind. Ideas?

I just waited the 20 minutes... and yes, the space disappears when the ten-thousands place is filled.

...........kernel: [10286.172750] MSSFIX(wan)...........

I tried installing a few iptables related packages and rebooted. The problem continues and actually I see that all 5 places are spaces until replaced with a digit. :frowning: PS, I am quite sure this has never happened in openwrt.

Any help will be appreciated.

Well, looks like this isn't important enough. I'll just code the issue away on my end. blah!