Inconsistent link: mellanox connectx-3 + ODI DFP-34X-2C2

Everyone, why does mellanox connectx-3 connect to ODI DFP-34X-2C2 after every reboot the device sometimes links up, sometimes links down!

Why don't you open a new post on this issue?

Sorry, I see what you mean! But the problem of hardware or performance, ... is in the above thread, why don't we discuss how to solve it instead of creating new threads when there is already a thread related to the problem we want to know?

The original thread was only talking about passive cooling of SFP+ capable devices, which is not really related to your problem, people might not see your question if you continue to ride on the same thread.

For your problem, I don't know if you've checked system log to see any related messages or errors during link down.

Yes, it's hard to check the system log! I don't know if the problem is with sfp+ gpon or driver incompatibility. Currently, I am trying driver related packages with any improvement!

So the log didn't show you anything unusual? And you are using GPON to connect ISP fiber directly?

That's right, I use ISP fiber optic gpon connection!

But yours is 10G GPON? Normally for 1G/2.5G those are just SFP GPON and should be not working on SFP+ port.
And you probably need to run the usual 10G SFP+ to make sure it's not the card's issue.

Yes, I will check again!