Include /packages drivers in image before deployment?

Hi I have managed to compile OpenWrt for my wally's dr4029 and I now would like to include drivers and packages for a wireless Wan card (Quectel) and the QMI mode package

I found the below info but it looks like this is intended after you deploy an image is there a tutorial to build/ include drivers and packages before deployment.

I believe I can use "make manifest" to see what is included

OpenWrt Project: How To use LTE modem in QMI mode for WAN connection

Simply select the needed packages in "make menuconfig" before the build (or add them to the package list if you use imagebuildder)

From that wiki page:

  • usb-modeswitch - It will automatically issue a “special” command to the modem for switching it into the “Working” state

  • kmod-mii - Mii driver

  • kmod-usb-net - USB to Ethernet

  • kmod-usb-wdm

  • kmod-usb-net-qmi-wwan

  • uqmi - Control utility


Ok I see after reading up about the modules the kernel module kmod-usb-net-qmi-wwan is the driver and it is already in the build tree that makes things so much easier.

I was expecting to have to find sources and compile them outside of the OpenWrt build tools and include them in when building the image.

Generally all needed sources (that are discussed in wiki) are already present in the OpenWrt build system and you just need to select them for your build.

Note that in menuconfig you and open a search tool with "/" key. Makes it easier to find all those packages in the menu tree.