In search of a package

Hello guys!
I'm in search of package that I was using in the past but now can't find. The package allows extra layer 7 QOS marking. I remember that I installed it along with qos-scripts and luci-app-qos and there was menu where you can select traffic type (bittorent, http, etc.) and it marked it based on package header.

It was an ancient package, mostly compatible with old 2.x kernels.
That l7-protocols was removed in 2017.

The underlying support for it was removed from OpenWrt already in 2015

Thank you very much. Any other way that I can easily mark packets based on header?

As most of the internet traffic is nowadays https encrypted, looking into packet contents is not that relevant any more.

But the port/protocol/address based current still-being-developed tool is qosify, which currently only exists in master (and in the forthcoming 22.03).


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