In over my head, need help please

Ok. Still dealing with this and somehow I have LEDE on both partitions now. I want to put linksys firmware back on and just can't get it to work. I've tried in LEDE and in SSH. nothing works. Says incompatible or something. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

You need to sysupgrade manually from the SSH console.

  • download the correct Linksys firmware with wget to /tmp
  • flash the router with "sysupgrade -F".
    • Also use "-n" switch to not save your LEDE settings (so that your possible next flash to Openwrt or LEDE does not find them.

So, the command is sysupgrade -n -F /tmp/linksys_image_file
(adjust the image file name based on your download)

Same advice in e.g. these threads...

Thank you! I wasn't telling it to look in tmp for file. That was probably my issue.

You just needed help to get OpenVPN working on LEDE/OpenWRT?... This: must work also for PIA and other OpenVPN providers...

to reset configuration (ssh password) usually is done using reset button (keep pressed and plug the power, wait up to 30 sec)... or search for OpenWRT Failsafe... (remember that LEDE is based on OpenWRT) when searching for help you could search for OpenWRT help too)

OpenWRT to LEDE or OpenWRT is done following "Sysupgrade"... to go to DD-WRT safely you should go to stock firmware first. To go to stock firmware just search how to do on your model on google, in TP-Link atheros for example is simply done removing some bytes at the beggining of the stock firmware (header of the file)... probably it is something similar in expensive Linkshits...