In Kernel encryption?

I've had a good experience putting Crux linux on a HP Stream 14 and shifted my wifi from wpa_supplicant/dhcpcd/openssl to iwd and in-kernel encryption

Enable built-in network configuration

Since version 0.19, iwd can assign IP address(es) and set up routes using a built-in DHCP client or with static configuration. It is a good alternative to standalone DHCP clients.

To activate iwd's network configuration feature, create/edit /etc/iwd/main.conf and add the following section to it:

I was wondering if openwrt could be configured to use in kernel encryption rather than wolfssl? I suspect in-kernel encryption would be more efficient thru-put wise and may decrease image size. Potentially, iwd could have a place in OpenWRT. It also scans and manages encryption protocols. My OpenWRT code search did not get any hits for iwd - not sure any one is playing with it.

afaik the main issue to port iwd on OpenWrt is the dbus dependency. This is a non-issue on Linux Desktop or normal Linux in general as most use dbus anyway, but OpenWrt uses ubus (its own very light system to do the dbus job).

Also the fact that iwd upstream is VERY NOT interested in maintaining a ubus interface code even if it's developed/contributed by third parties so all patches will have to remain in OpenWrt.
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