In great need of help configuring routes between two subnets on a mesh network

Hey there, I am trying to configure 3 OpenWRT mesh radios made by Doodle Labs. I am setting up a Mesh Network (not connected to the internet) and am having issues grasping what needs to be configured to allow communication across these subnets. I am a firmware engineer and have limited networking experience, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I have made a topology of the network I am trying to achieve. Ping works across the network but I am having issues with FastDDS configuration.

I have a few main concerns:

  • Do the individual computers need to have unique static IPs? Will there be issues addressing the computer individually across the network if they share static IPs?
  • If the Static IP of the ethernet interface on my mesh router, for example, is, what should the interface on each computer be to correctly interface with the Mesh Router?
  • I am confused with what static routes need to be setup to facilitate communication across the network as if they are connected locally.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even if it is high level advice. I have direct SSH access into the mesh routers as well as the LuCI interface. Thanks in advance.

And this question is specific to OpenWRT how?

Mmm, to me that means you are involved in the down and dirty of how things work, but I guess what you mean is you do not have much experience in networking?

If your 3 routers are running OpenWrt, then you are in the right place, otherwise, as @krazeh says, you need to look elsewhere.

Your diagram shows some fundamental issues/misconceptions we can look into if you are in the right place....

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Yes, the three routers I am using are running a customized version of OpenWRT. They are made by Doodle Labs. I have both SSH access into the radios as well as LuCI access for the radios.

Sorry for not specifying, the three radios I am using are running a customized version of OpenWRT.

Customised by you or by the manufacturer?
If by the manufacturer you will have to take it up with them or alternatively, reflash with genuine OpenWrt (and I very much doubt if that exists), as otherwise no-one here will know what the manufacturers have changed.

From Doodlelabs web site:

The Mesh Rider Radio runs the Mesh Rider OS. It is a customized version of Openwrt with enhancements

So almost certainly you will have to ask them for help.