IMX8Plus IoT Gate

Did someone succesfully run OpenWrt on that Hardware (Compulab IoT Gate IMX8Plus)

Which target image is to use?


figure out which device(s) use the same SoC using

Actuall I have follwing problem:

[    1.296547] Waiting 5 sec before mounting root device...
[    1.320562] mmc2: new HS400 Enhanced strobe MMC card at address 0001
[    1.327434] mmcblk2: mmc2:0001 eMMC   29.1 GiB
[    1.333536] Alternate GPT is invalid, using primary GPT.
[    1.338888]  mmcblk2: p1 p2 p128
[    1.342695] mmcblk2boot0: mmc2:0001 eMMC   4.00 MiB
[    1.348176] mmcblk2boot1: mmc2:0001 eMMC   4.00 MiB
[    1.353456] mmcblk2rpmb: mmc2:0001 eMMC   4.00 MiB, chardev (247:0)

and then the boot proccess stopped

the root device is root=/dev/mmcblk2p2 in the grub.cfg

What could be the reason for that problem?