iMX7 Dual uCOM with OpenWrt

We are working with your iMX7 Dual uCOM and we need to run OpenWrt on it.
I know that till the moment OpenWrt 18.06 only supports imx6.
How to customize an OpenWrt image which can work with iMX7 Dual uCOM.

Can you please guide me on what I can do? What do you recommend?

As some additional suggestions

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How can we know when OpenWrt will add the support of imx7 family?
Is there a time plan for that? @jeff

OpenWrt is a volunteer effort.

When and if a specific platform and device will be supported depends on many things, including

  • Upstream support (Linux) for the platform
  • Upstream support for the peripherals
  • Desire for someone to take on the work
  • Availability of devices to test

"We" suggests to me that you may be a commercial enterprise. As such, you are probably in good position to work on the port yourselves, especially as I'm not aware of any end-consumer wireless routers running on that platform.

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My question was just a try to know how OpenWrt decides to support a device.
Thanks for your infromation.

It doesn't "decide" to support a platform. It's users implement support and push it upstream for everyone to benefit from.