Implement proxy server authentication

Hello everyone,
I would like to use my OpenWrt Fritz!Box to set up an WLAN access point in a company LAN. However, I'm behind a proxy server that needs authentication.

Is there a way to somehow "implement" my login data into the OpenWrt router in order to be able to connect any device via WLAN and reach the Internet?

Thank you!

Is this an official, company approved, project? Or something you want to do and keep it under the radar?
In any case the best you can achieve is setup a proxy on the OpenWrt with the company proxy as upstream. This way you only avoid the authentication for the devices connected to the OpenWrt.

Thanks trendy for the quick reply.
But doesn't setting up a proxy on the OpenWrt mean that I would need to add the proxy information to every client to use it? I'm asking this because previously I've found it difficult to introduce system-wide proxy settings on my Debian-based Linux distributions in particular. So I would like to avoid that.

Anyway, is there a proxy you can recommend for my purpose?

Regarding the system wide proxy settings:
Other than that, OpenWrt cannot automagically authenticate on behalf of its lan hosts to an upstream proxy (and for which protocol?), therefore I don't think it can help you there.