Imei spoofing gl-x3000 spitz


I have seen a few of these mods for the Netgear m5 and other devices.

I have just bought a gl-x3000 spitz router, I would like to use a certain SIM card in it but I know that this SIM card recognises routers and after about 30 seconds of use it disconnects from the cell tower and gives you searching symbol.

If I could spoof the imei to that of an iPhone 13 say then the cell tower would think I’m on a phone and give me the normal unlimited data sim experience.

Is this possible?

This device is not supported by the official OpenWrt project. Please visit the GL-inet forums for help with that device.

Ah ok thanks. Is this possible with a supported device? I have quite a few routers including a Nanopi R4S.

Would love to understand the process if it’s possible

I am looking for the same, particularly using a Banana Pi R3 and a sierra wireless 7455 but if my memory serves me correct IMEI wont work on the sierra but on a Huawei modem works...

That is completely unrelated to OpenWrt and illegal in some countries.

Because this is off-topic for openwrt l, and of questionable legality, this topic is now closed.