Imagebuilder option skip updating packages?

We are using mbedtls and in v2.7 they changed to

This causes our app and other apps that rely on libmbedtls to fail to work.

Is it possible to tell imagebuilder to NOT update packages when it builds? In that way, for example it would still use the local version 2.6.0 of the package. In this way we can create many builds with the same, consistent set of packages.

Unfortunately there is no "offical" way to skip updating atm but you can edit the toplevel Makefile of the ImageBuilder and delete the two $(OPKG) update lines.

Alternatively host your own copy of the repository or place all required .ipk files in the packages/ directory and edit repositories.conf to only contain the local source or your locally hosted mirror instead of the ones.

Is there any easy way to download a copy of all of the packages so we can host our own internally?

You can use rsync to mirror (parts of), e.g. to fetch the latest release:
rsync -va rsync:// data/mirror/17.01.4/

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Thank you!
Do we also need to point the SDK feeds.conf.default at our own hosted package repository? And/or do we need to also mirror the git repos for the feeds.conf.default?

Example: Feeds.conf.defaulr has entries like:
src-git base

Also: Why does the imagebuilder use remote package repos for packages but the SDK uses git repos?