ImageBuilder on Linux not showing all target systems


I tried to search for this but I came up short. I am trying to build an image for a device using imagebuilder however I can't seem to find

/19.07.5/targets/mvebu/ in the list of target systems. I have confirmed it exists and that I've checked out the right version.

What am I doing wrong?

Image Builders are platform-speicifc (ie: you need to download the image builder for the platform of your device, you cannot grab a random image builder and use it to create an image for the device of a different platform) and use profiles to target specific devices.

What's the device you want to build for?


Maybe my terminology was wrong. I was referring to the information provided in this guide.

As stated it seems to have most target platforms but not the GL.inet device (MV1000) I was after. I am aware they have their own image building software but I want to run vanilla openWRT rather than their modified version.

The target was added to master post 19.x branch, you will have to wait for the next stable, or go to a snapshot.

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