Imagebuilder noob question NVM

Dear Developers,

I build images with the buildsystem, but after a week the kernel is outdated and there is no way to instal some packages that need a specific kernel.

i tought i get over it trough the imagebuilder from the release page, adjust the .config file and run

make image

but thats giving me a weird error that i cant overcome, so does anyone knows a tutorial about using the build system?

Or knows a way around using the same kernel revision as the official build?


For someone who needs this information, i found a no internet needed work around for resizing ext root partition, mine setup is a openwrt router as main router and i need a vlan.300 to use the internet, so if i update the main router i have no internet, and sometimes i need to to resize the rootfs that only can be done offline.

trough serial: (i think ssh is possible to but i dunno how)

  1. install gparted on to a usb stick with rufus.

  2. than download somehing like putty to make a serial connection with specific baud rate (for the apu 2 is it 115200)

  3. make the serial connection and press any key to get the openwrt screen.

  4. insert usb (u will see the usb connection on the serial console)

  5. restart and boot to the gparted usb.

  6. after a min the serial console asks what to boot, just use the live version (most of the time the first option)

  7. press "tap" to change the boot options and add to the end of the line console=ttyS0,115200n8 and enter on the end.

  8. this takes a while but it gives you some options about a screen size settings, but after some of those noting meaning questions it auto login to some command line.

  9. type sudo su to get to the root command line, and use parted /dev/sda print to get the /dev/sda output (that is the most likely to be on there if you use ext4).

  10. most likely the disksize is already the max size if its not the max size then use parted /dev/sda resizepart 2 16G to resize the disk size to 16GB.

  11. then use resize2fs /dev/sda2 the 2 is from the partition from parted /dev/sda print that you want to increase .

  12. Done reboot to openwrt

i tried for a hour to push and force make image,
after some food i discover that GNU 'awk' and git must be installed to do the Make image :sweat_smile: