Imagebuilder instead of a complete remove

This commit will stop automatic building for the Netgear ex2700.

I know the limitations of the device, but isn't it possible to add it at least to the imagebuilder so you can easily create your own flashable images?

The ex2700 is still working fine as an access point and you can remove so many unnecessary packages.

Edit -- As it is a 4/32 device, this is consistent with


  • 19.07 will be the last release with support for 4/32 MB devices

  • The build bots will not generate images for these devices from master any more, support for these devices would be “source only”

  • Support for 4/32 MB devices under DTS-enabled targets would be still accepted

  • Patches to improve support for 4 / 32MB devices will still be accepted in master

Thanks jeff, but I am aware of the limitations and decissions were made about 4/32 devices...

Is it possible to include the device into the automatic build process without building regular images for the ex2700, but make it available to the imagebuilder?

EDIT: I am only talking about the 19.07 release.

I’m not a core dev, so can’t comment more than my opinion that the intent is that the limited build resources are not applied to 4/32 devices. The mailing list would probably be the best place to address the issue.

It may be a stop-gap patch, as it removes the device from the ability to build locally, without reverting that change. That you may have better luck with. The full build system host requirements are basically the same as for the image builder, making it harder to argue for still building the image builder.

I understand that, but as this is the last release it would be even more important to have a working one and make this last jump to a higher version.

True as well, but as it is still there and officially supported I thought there is maybe an easy solution.

It's still available if you build it yourself. You may have to remove something for it to work because 19 is bigger than the previous versions.
Edit: And you need to uncomment the line in target/linux/ramips/image/ to make it available.

Tried that already and it is working.

I always remove a lot, because only using them as access points.

The imagebuilder is pretty perfect for 4/32 devices and there still could be support for it in this last release.

I guess I won't really get somewhere here. Maybe I will try the mailing list.

Thank you anyway!:slightly_smiling_face:

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