ImageBuilder: Create a new device?


How do I create a new device, target profile, in ImageBulider?

I have added information in:

But my new device will not show up in make info

What have I missed?

did you touch the makefiles ?

Yes, I have tried to follow that guide, but my new device will not show up in make info after the touch target/linux/*/Makefile.
I think this guide is not really for the ImageBuilder, or?

ah, missed that part of your post :frowning:

no, it's for building from scratch.

I had forgot to edit .targetinfo. I added my new device in .config and as well.
Now my new device is visible in make info. But when I run make image PROFILE=new_device it fails with JSON info file script could not find any JSON files for target and only the manifest file is created.

Anybody who knows why?

by trying to add stuff to imagebuilder retrospectively, you circumvent the compile stage(s)...

as such, in addition to the files you found and the regular recipes under target/linux/X, you also need to place build artifacts under build_dir such as dtb etc. etc.

you may wish to checkout the zsun thread by brunompena who is the reference for such a task...

@brunompena did it for


Agree with wulfy.

Generally, one can not add new devices in the imagebuilder, you will need to do it in buildroot and compile everything from scratch.

For example, even simple things like changing reset button’s gpio number require kernel recompile.

With Metta


I thought I could take a short cut. :slight_smile:
Then I need to set up the whole buildroot enviroment.

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