Imagebuilder 22.03.2 and wolfssl


It is impossible to build thanks to imagebuilder 22.03.2 it seems that the libwolfssl5.5.1.ee39414e is not available anymore and has been replaced in package repository by libwolfssl5.5.3.ee39414e. Nevertheless, the manifest for 22.03.2 still use libwolfssl5.5.1.ee39414e. Did I miss something?


Please post the exact build error

The error comes if you want to build a new 22.03.2 image using the manifest as the list of packages to install. The manifest use the libwolfssl5.5.1.ee39414e whereas the libwolfssl5.5.1.ee39414e is not available anymore. The error is the following:

Unknown package 'libwolfssl5.5.1.ee39414e'.

Does it make sens to use the manifest as a package reference list to build a new image with Imagebuilder ?

Did you re-download the image builder and/or ran make clean?

I did it from scratch with a new imagebuilder in a new folder.

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