image/Makefile Details: Still up-to-date?

Is still up-to-date?

  • The page starts with

    FIXME This section is new and deliberately not linked too by other pages yet. once a person of some experience has a chance to look over this they may then choose to add it.

    Nobody ever looked over this page, nobody linked it from other pages.

  • page has been created in 2012, no edits since then

  • WIP tag set since 2012

A 7 years old WIP page... does it still provide correct and usable information that is worth keeping in the wiki?

these kinds of docs are sorely needed. even if it's old, providing there is nothing newer... maybe;

big note on the top saying it is probably old and needs updating ( top half seems not so valid? -> overview of the function of )

link to it from; > Documentation

( if this is the key collation point for .mk mods / notes )

if nothing else... hopefully that would provide a means to "begin a skeleton structure" of the types of docs that are needed for modding and working with the lower levels of the buildroot.

i doubt that these types of docs will ever be fully up to date... but having the framework in place at least facilitates easier collation.

the majority of readers of this type of content are capable of extrapolating what they need, and any pointers are better than none IMHO.

OK, seems this page is needed.

Could then $someone knowledgeable please

  • review the page
  • update as appropriate
  • link to it from other wiki pages

That would be great! :slight_smile: