Image for Netgear FVS336G

Hi there,

I'd really like to install OpenWrt on a Netgear Dual WAN Router, the FVS336G which seems to be supported in any way. But I neither find an image file on the whole Internet nor it does accept the default .bin file from the releases area.

Can I just build an own image? They mention to boot via TFTP:
tftp 2800000 openwrt-octeon-vmlinux-initramfs.elf;bootoctlinux 2800000

Or may I just use the "vmlinux-initramfs.elf" file from the Image Builder archive?

As an absolute OpenWrt greenhort I'd appreciate your help.

Thank you,


The device in question is not supported yet (and given its age and predicted performance probably never will, but if you care enough, you might be able to port it properly).

The, very sparse, wiki page merely suggests that ram-booting an initramfs image might be possible, but it doesn't go beyond that information, leaving it unclear if that succeeds.

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