Image for Mikrotik SXT Lite 5 result in bootloop

Hi everybody. Recently i tried build a custom image for my Mikrotik SXT Lite 5, but when i flash image in device, result in a bootloop. Any help please?

Your MikroTik option is to get it back to stock firmware

Netinstall link if needed.

Why? I can build image, but when flash image the device bricked.

Do you have a serial console connected? What happens after the image loads?

Thanks for you response. I not have serial console. After flash images, the device enter on infinite bootloop. The only way is flash Stock Firmware or flash OpenWrt 19 image. Curiously, i always build my own custom firmware for this devices until May of 2022 aprox, and boot very well.

Well you’re going to need the console to see what’s happening. It’s possible the kernel has grown too large for the device’s default boot args, but that just guessing with a proper bootlog

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Mmmmm... Well, how change kernel boot args on when build my custom image?

The boot args are set in the uboot boot command. Usually you would edit this from the uboot console (over serial), but if you can boot the device the stock os may have uboot config commands (fw_setenv, fw_printenv for example).

Can you provide your working latest image