Image-builder vs raw build from source with D-Link DIR-860l B1 vs Linksys 1900ACS v2


How are you?

How can it be, that with my D-Link DIR-860l B1 I am building everything from the source and it works right away everything, including packages, I even added FPU EMULATOR so the latest Node 8 could work.
With the Linksys 1900ACS v2 building from the source it works, but the net doesn't work, everything is all selected like:

* Global build settings
  * Select all target specific packages by default
  * Select all kernel module packages by default
  * Select all userspace pakcages by default   

And a few that add, but it works, no error at all.

But the network, I cannot access, so I build from the image-builder the firmware, it works right away, so then I just copy the .config to the source, then build packages I need and then I install the image-builder firmware again to add in the PACKAGES="pkg1 pkg2 pkg3" so that packages is doesn't need to be installed this and that, and then install the firmware from the image-builder, it works built in what I need instantly. Awesome, but is not nice.

How can I found to make it work it? Since it the same ````.config``` from the image-builder, but the generated firmware source is not working.

Plus, I have to disable here: configuration tab and set #option check_signature 1 because it says my signature is wrong, but anyway it works. So the packages from the source and then install-able with that opkg config signature is disabled...

But, I would like to build form the source with Linksys 1900ACS v2, and work, but something is weird.

Do you know an idea why it is?

Thanks for your reply.