Image Builder default behaviour

Page Using the Image Builder states that

make image command will create a default image for a default device with default (essential) packages.

But that was not the case for me when I was building firmware for my TL-WR841ND with openwrt-imagebuilder-18.06.4-ar71xx-tiny.Linux-x86_64.tar.xz.
Default profile generated lots of images, for all devices instead of only single, "default" one.

Please fix documentation so that it matches actual behaviour of Image Builder.

"In most cases it's not what you wanted" seems pretty clear that you shouldn't be running just

make image

and continues to provide instructions.

Anyone with an account (that hasn't been banned) can edit the wiki.

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In my case I was interested in how much time is consumed by an image build for single device (any device).
That command was a perfect fit for my task. And I was surprised that it takes so long.

But anyway, documentation should not confuse users. Even if described scenarios are rarely used.

I'm not sure if documentation is wrong.
It may be that Image Builder is wrong.
I'm a newbie here, so I can't tell for sure.
Also English is not my native language.
So to not make things worser I am asking for help.

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Edit: The "generic" device seems to build "one of everything" when building from source. I occasionally make that mistake myself. I think that this is intentional for the "buildbots" to be able to build all the distribution images, though I can't confirm that was the intent. As I don't use Image Builder, I was hesitant to edit the page myself. I also can't comment further on its behavior.

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