Image build offline machine

Hi there
In iraq know we have very slow internet access and in any time they may block it , so is there any way to use image build with offline machine so no need to internet access .

The image builder itself is a self-contained tarball will download the necessary packages when you actually try to build an image apparently.

If you'd actually like to compile your own build, you can perform a git checkout and run 'make download' in the tree to pull in all the source tarballs you'll need.


Don't forget that this will only download the sources for the packages that are selected as "y" or "m".
So you have to do a make menuconfig and select everything you wanna build later offline.

The image builder will download the packages at "image build time".
It contains only the target specific packages.


thank u for your reply , if download the source of the package for target exm (unfi-ac-mesh) and i need to use other target like tplink archer c20 and i use make distclean should i re-download package ? or not ?