I'm looking for an VDSL router

I'm living in Germany and would want an router that supports
Modern WiFi
That has wan
A serial port
Long openwrt supporting
And good speed

Does anyone know a router with these requirements?
If yes then thanks in advanced

Only a single SOC meeting those requirements is supported, lantiq vr9 - accordingly speed and SOC/ modem features are (almost) identical (SMP or not depends on the hardware/ DTS configuration) between devices. Distinguishing features are mostly flash- and RAM sizes, wireless chipsets and if phone features (FXS ports; DECT is not supported) are available (phone features take up one of the two cores, therefore devices without those can use both --> faster).

So far the https://openwrt.org/toh/bt/homehub_v5a remains the gold standard for these devices, good sized flash/ RAM, good quality Atheros 802.11ac (wave1) wireless and SMP (= no phone features), but the initial OpenWrt installation is a bit more tricky than on other devices (and exporting from the UK has gotten harder/ more expensive as well, but it's still a rather cheap second-hand device).

Given that the supported VRX2x8 modem hardware is limited to plain vectoring (~100/40 MBit/s; super-vectoring and 250/40 MBit/s require newer SOCs which aren't supported at this time) and considering that the vr9 SOC isn't the fastest one (you depend on software flow-offloading to achieve 100/40 MBit/s, without it, you'd be limited to around 80 MBit/s), it might make sense to opt for a cheap modem (vr9 based and running OpenWrt, if that meets your requirements) in combination with a faster OpenWrt supported (non-lantiq) router.


My recommendation is to simply get a Daytek modem (they come by default in full-bridge mode) and than get a separate good supported openwrt wifi-router. This way you have much more options. I personally have a Daytek 165 + Linksys 1200AC and this setup works perfectly (I do the VLAN id tagging in the Daytek, while openwrt does the PPPoE stuff).


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